Modern Polish Spirit

Frant is a modern sipping okowita from Poland.

We started Frant with the idea of creating unique Polish spirits in collaboration with different local distillers or suppliers using innovative production methods and regional ingredients.

Our research led us to creation of our first product – Frant Wildflower. a distinctive Polish distillate aimed at high-end spirit connoisseurs worldwide.



Dorota Zylewicz-Nosowska is a long-time industry professional and all-around spirits nerd.

Prior to founding Frant she obtained an advanced sommelier certification and travelled over 5.000 miles visiting Poland’s remaining distilleries and archives. Dorota is responsible for the management of Frant, product development, export and sales.


Filip Pągowski is a renowned graphic artist working between Warsaw and New York who co-designed Frant’s brand identity.

He’s the longtime collaborator of Comme des Garçons and has created the iconic PLAY icon recognized worldwide.

Filip has deep ties to Poland’s legendary mid-century graphic design scene through his father – legendary poster artist Henryk Tomaszewski.

Frant Wildflower

Frant Wildflower is a dry okowita distilled entirely from wildflower honey collected from the pristine Warmian-Masurian meadows.

During the laborious production process sugar is fermented into alcohol revealing the inherent honey taste that is full and complex, not sweet.

Frant Wildflower is best served on its own as digestif, sipped with a meal or in minimalist cocktails.

A refreshing, quirky take on honey-based spirit

Tasting notes


  • vanilla
  • camomile
  • ripe lemon


  • full
  • lavender
  • anise
  • flowers


  • complex
  • dry

Food pairings

  • 1. Caramelized nuts with goat cheese
  • 2. Brillat Savarin
  • 3. Beef Tartare
  • 4. Gravlax
  • 5. Prunes, Chocolate 85%, Gingerbread


Apple & Honey

  • 30ml Frant Wildflower
  • 75ml dry apple cider
  • 7,5ml apple gastrique

Coupette;  lemon zest discard!


  • 40ml Frant Wildflower
  • 15ml red vermouth
  • 5ml Nalewka Staropolska wiśniowa
  • 2d orange+propolis essence

Tumbler + ice cube; honey comb garnish

Wildflower Martini

  • 40ml Frant Wildflower
  • 10ml vermouth bianco
  • 3d heather essence

Small glass; heather blossom garnish

Where to find us?

Frant is available at the finest Wine & Spirits stores and high-end restaurants in Poland.



  • Alewino
  • Nolita
  • Kieliszki na Próżnej
  • Dyletanci
  • Rozbrat
  • Nobu
  • The Farm
  • Hotel Warszawa
  • Bibenda
  • Magari, Loreta


  • Albertina
  • Kogel Mogel
  • Karakter
  • Bottiglieria 1881
  • Enoteka Pergamin
  • Pimiento
  • Nolio
  • Halicka, Mak
  • Hint
  • Pacura Studios


  • Concordia Taste
  • Muga
  • Nifty No.20


  • Eliksir
  • Flisak ’76
  • Pixel
  • Dancing Anchor, Ink Above


  • Pod Papugami
  • Młoda Polska
  • Campo
  • Hint


  • Powidok
  • Spirit


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